Making a Profit from Scrap Metal

When my husband and I purchased a piece of property, we were excited about building our dream home there. We had to clear a good bit of things first though. There were several barns and outbuildings that were not very sturdy, and there were also a lot of dead trees and large plots of weeds that needed cleared too. We thought the buildings would be empty, but there was actually a lot of scrap metal in both barns. Thinking of how to get rid of it, I looked online for local scrap metal price per pound.

I wasn’t really looking to make a profit off of this, but I figured it was better to sell it to a company that wanted to pay us for it rather than pay a company to take it off our hands. We had never sold any kind of metal to a scrap yard, so I had to get a quick education on it. I was able to find a site that actually had all of the information that I wanted on it. I thought I would have to look at several different sites, but this one has all of the local scrap yards on it along with the information that I was seeking.

I was pretty surprised when I saw just how much we would be able to make. When I say these two barns were filled with scrap, I am talking many large truck loads. There was mostly aluminum and steel, but there was a nice chunk of copper too, which was really neat once I saw the prices for all three of those metals. We were able to take the money we made to make the landscape better, something we hadn’t planned on doing for some time but was made possible because of the amount of money we made from selling the scrap metal.

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