Venturing out on My Own to Shawnee Kansas for My First Real Job

I never have ventured more than a couple of hundred miles away from home on my own. even our family vacations were just to a place in the country that my uncle owned. No one in my family was adventurous, but I had an itch to see more than just the same scenery I had been seeing. So, when a job opportunity came for me right out of college, I was okay with moving to Kansas. I was excited and started looking at apartments in Shawnee KS that I could afford with what I was gong to be earning.

My parents were worried about me. They wanted me to take a job locally and get an apartment in town. I felt kind of guilty, but they were not pressuring me. It was just what they were hoping I would stay close, but they also knew I had to make my own decisions. I’m smart with money, and I have enough street smarts to do okay on my own away from family and friends that have been there for me since I was a child. In one way I felt that I was abandoning them, but in another way I knew I had to get out there and find my own way.

I found a place with a basketball court. I play for exercise pretty much every day. The place also had new appliances, a swimming pool, a fitness center and more. I told my parents about the FireAvert they had on the stove to show the place was safe. That product shuts off the stove if a smoke alarm goes off. It takes about five hours to get to my place at the Shawnee Station apartments from where I grew up, and I drove over to see an apartment on my own. I signed a lease the same day. It was everything that I saw online and more. I started out with just a couch, table and bed, but I have been able to decorate my place nicely in the nine months I have been there.

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