Moving Closer to My Work

When I decided to move closer to work, I knew that it would be impossible to find the time to visit all of the apartment complexes in the area. Thanks to the Internet, I knew I would not need to do that anyway. I just did a quick search for downtown Denver apartments, and I was able to find a lot of different apartment complexes that are close to where I work. I thought it would be hard to sort out which were the better apartments, but it was actually quite easy because only one stood out to me.

I really liked everything I saw on the Gables Apartments website, and I also liked the prices for the different apartments. I was able to look at all of the floor plans that are available too. Some complexes that I looked at only had two or three different floor plans, but the Gables has over two dozen! It was actually pretty interesting looking at the different floor plans and choosing the one that I ultimately liked best. I only needed an apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom because I knew that no one else would be in there.

I never have overnight guests or even company since I spend so much time at work. I just wanted a really nice apartment where I could relax after putting in a 12 or 14 hour day. I was able to find a really nice one that has all that I need, including a huge living room. While I may not have visitors, I still like a spacious room, and this apartment floor plan was perfect for me. I was able to put a deposit down to hold it, and I will be moving in in just two months. It is going to make my work life better being closer, and I am going to enjoy all the amenities there too!

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